Service Lines

  • Support for Fundraising operations working with Investors (VC, Family Offices, Corporates)
  • Business Development to sell the best and most promising innovative solutions to the main industrial players
  • Operative Technical Support to customize, integrate and industrialize solutions, by partnering with flexible ESP.
  • Advisory Services, including coaching, marketing support, patents analysis, temporary management, … and M&A.
  • Value Proposition

    A collaborative international team of Business Managers with 20+ years of experience in their sectors, with proven connections and high reputation in source markets, capable to connect decision makers, driving the business development and fundraising processes.

    Former Corporates’ Executives
    Global Marketing & Sales Leaders
    Deep Tech Experts & Researchers



    Venture Capitalists, Research Centers, and Engineering Service Providers.

    Service Positioning

    From Operative Business Development to Fundraising and M&A operations, crossing Market and Patent analysis.

    Business Model

    Success fee, based on results. Low-cost engagement for BD only


    Automotive, Aerospace, Biomedical, Energy, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Home Appliances, Rail, Telecom & Media, etc.

    High level People

    International team with very relevant experience in successful companies, well connected

    with key decision makers.


    Presence and operations in several countries around the globe.


    To Startups & Scaleups

    You get access high level Managers and Clients at very low cost covering the main sectors and locations in the world

    To Corporates

    You get immediate access to the technology that can speed-up your next generation of applications, reducing internal costs

    To Investors

    You can bet on startups that are selected and followed over time, limiting effort and economic risks.